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15th International Congress on Mathematics Education 7-14 July 2024

There is a possibility of organising a Lesson Study Discussion Group at ICME 15.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 31st October 1923.

If you are interested in helping organise such a discussion group please contact  [email protected]
we are especially interested in having representation from across the world.

Hold the date:

12th and 13th October 2023, Cambridge

Further event with teachers from Tsukuba University Elementary School. 

For details of last year's event see panel opposite.

Cambridge University Primary School Open Lesson Study Event in conjunction with teachers from Tsukuba University Elementary School. This event (13th and 14th October 2022) was made possible by a grant from the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation. 

Read about this event in our blog section

Lesson plan for Thursday 13th October 2021

Lesson plan for Friday 14th October 2021