Problem solving workshop

 Dr Tad Watanabe will lead a day focused on curriculum design and problem-solving from a Japanese perspective. Tad is a Professor of Mathematics Education and an assistant chair of the Department of Mathematics at Kennesaw State University. The day will be split into two workshops: 

Workshop 1 

In this session, we will engage in a simulation of a typical teaching through problem-solving (TTP) lesson. This lesson may take place at a number of different points in a school curriculum, and we discuss what those variations may be and the rationales behind them. We will then discuss possible implications in UK classrooms. 

Workshop 2 

In this session, we will discuss some of the curricular considerations as we try to infuse problem-solving in a curriculum or organize lessons with problem-solving as the center piece for learning mathematics. Ideas include but certainly are not limited to, curricular coherence, visual representations, and learning goals. 

This event is being jointly hosted by NAMA and CLR-UK and is open to all at a cost of £10.